BT Panorama Shines at Technology Awards 2017

We always talk about how internet has changed the world leading to amazing competition in Technology Awards. There are brand-new technologies offering numerous opportunities for different sectors including finance, banking, etc. Especially, finance has become much more critical with consideration of pros and cons. For this reason, wealth management platforms have turned into one of the most critical tool in the online finance field.

BT Panorama is a wealth management platform designed to help clients SMSF’s and investments. The stage is open self-guided super supports and those experiencing a counsel.

“BT Panorama has undertaken a large-scale, and very expensive, technology project that aims to link all of their products and services including banking, insurance, superannuation, investments and cash management accounts,” grant judge and Financial Services Council CEO Sally Loane said in displaying the honor.

BT Financial Group head of SMSFs Craig Lawrenson said the excellence of the one working framework was it made an awesome client encounter.

Conexus Financial Superannuation Technology Awards 2017

BT Panorama was the inaugural champ of the Best Technology Offering grant at the Conexus Financial Superannuation Technology Awards 2017. The new class was acquainted with highlight superannuation suppliers making the best utilization of innovation to bolster individuals to deal with their records and amplify retirement results.

“The magnificence is that it is one working framework, which permits us to run every one of our offers, ventures, super, corporate super, self-guided super, through the one framework, so it makes awesome open door and client encounter since it is a solitary framework they can explore their way through.”

He differentiated this against the poor client experience of hopping between various frameworks. These frameworks had risen as consequence of various innovations being created for various items as the business developed.

Conexus Financial is a privately owned Australian Company established in 2005. The company has acquired numerous assets including Investment Magazine and I&T News. Conexus Financial arranges annual Conexus Superannuation Award to identify the best possible financial platforms online.


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