Turks Said “Not Sure” in the Turkish Referendum for Constitutional Revision

On April 16, 2017 – Turkish Referendum for Constitutional Revision took a place and Turks accepted according to unofficial vote count. All around the world, people have been waiting for the results of Turkish Referendum for months. Finally, the voting occurred and the campaigns are over. However, the election is not the end, everything will be shaped in these two years. Therefore, all parties need to deeply analyze results and attentively move forward. In this article, we will look into results and try to come up with outcomes.

If you are not familiar with the campaign process, you can read this article:

Do Turkish Referendum Results say “Yes” to President Tayyip Erdogan New Powers?

2017 Turkish Referendum Results:

  • %51.41 (Yes) – People who agreed to have constitutional revision
  • %48.59 (No) – People who did not agree to have constitutional revision

As you can see, the referendum was tough competition for both parties. This is the main reason we have selected the title “Not Sure” for Turkish votes on Referendum. If you can recall the campaign process; AKP, the ruling party expected near %60 Yes if not more. There have been cooperation of both parties on either sides regardless of their individual political views. In the end, it seems that the Turkish Referendum has ended on favor to the ruling party.

What do Results of the Turkish Referendum for Constitutional Revision Mean?

In 2015, Turkish people went to ballot box twice in order to form the government upon Erdogan becoming President. In June 2015, AKP received %40.9 of the votes which was not enough to become the ruling party without coalition. Later in November 2015, AKP has increased its vote to %49.8 and formed the government successfully. Ahmet Davutoglu, former Turkish Prime Minister has given an important speech after not meeting enough votes in June 2015.

He has said that the election had shown that the backbone of Turkey is the AKP. The AKP is the only party that is in all of the regions, all provinces and embraces all of the citizens. Even more, “we will evaluate the messages from the elections results as a party” he added. I strongly believe Davutoglu was right so that they came out as a ruling party just after 5 months.

Yesterday, Turks have sent out another message to all parties in the Turkish Referendum for Constitutional Revision. No doubt on Turkish people love President Erdogan; however, there is a limit to that extend. There are certain things Turks want from the government no matter who or how they run the country. Turks want better education and economy; peace across the country which is only possible ending the terrorism and demand stronger international relationships with better reputation.

I hope the message delivered clearly in order for country to move forward with financial growth as well as local developments. We will continue to following the updates and write about them in the near future.


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