PayPal Donations Faces a Lawsuit for Redirection

Where does your donation on Paypal go to if the charity is not eligible to receive payments?

Internet has become much more powerful in the last couple decades with the new ideas and advancements in technologies put into the era by the powerful technology corporations. New technological enhancements are beneficial for many different sectors such as education, finance, newspapers, and even non-profit organizations. One of the most important essence in the online world is making a successful financial transaction with safe methods like Paypal donations.

There are many different companies serving as a safe heaven for online transactions and with no doubt PayPal is one of the largest corporations in the sector. Paypal is an American based corporation for companies and individuals to provide online payment services as an alternative to traditional payment methods such as checks and money order.

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Can Non-Profit Organizations Recieve Payments through Paypal?

Non-profit organizations have benefited from PayPal’s services due to convenience of making online payments. However, as the law is very strict about keeping non-profit organizations under control, they cannot receive payments if they did not set up their account properly. So, where do these payments go?

On Tuesday, PayPal faced a lawsuit because of redirecting these donations to other charities after six months without intention and desire of the donor. According to PayPal’s website, the company generates more than 35 million USD in donations every year for charities in U.S. and UK.

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