What does Trump’s Firing Preet Bharara Mean?

On March 2017 – Americans woke up to another brand-new incident executed as President Trump’s firing Preet Bharara. Replacing all of the United States attorneys is an ordinary action. Therefore, nearly every president applies in order to work with people of their own. Even more, these people have the power of investigating their own president if necessary.

President Trump is certainly one of the most thwarted American President in the history which causes his every move to end up as a sensational event. For example, Bill Clinton has terminated all 93 US attorneys’ seats when he started to the office. However, this action did not draw attention as much as Trump’s firing Preet Bharara.

Before jumping into this subject, I would like to talk about why Trump’s every action creates this much effect on media and society. What does Trump do wrong? First of all, I believe that the main reason is that Trump’s attitude towards other individuals. He is rude and arrogant. Just because he has earned a lot of money, he thinks insulting others as his rights. Basically, his personality is the number one reason people are against him.

What did Go Wrong about Trump’s Firing Preet Bharara?

Another important point is his way of putting his ideas into an action, he performs everything recklessly without even considering anyone’s reaction to it or consultation with others. We all remember huge argument regarding travel ban and its costs to US government. You can read about Trump’s travel ban by clicking here. This is the exact same situation with Trump’s firing Preet Bharara.

In this situation, the unusual process was about Trump’s acting as if Preet Bharara’s serving time will be extended into the new administration. Later, Trump has asked for his resignation which resulted with Preet Bharara’s anger. As most of you know him, Preet Bharara has been the US attorney for the Southern District of New York. I certainly believe that his ultimate anger on this action is mostly about the way of being implemented rather than the action itself.


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