Uber’s Struggle with Boycott Uber Movement

When Donald Trump signed immigration ban, thousands of people regardless of their nationality, religion, or skin color ran to the John F Kennedy Airport to protest this action. As many remember, yellow cab drivers are also joint this boycott in order to make a difference, however locals reported that Uber drivers in the region tried to take an advantage of the situation by charging customers more than the actual rate. Uber drivers’ action created rage to start Boycott Uber campaign.

Once this problem occured, people have started an online campaign with #DeleteUber hashtag to point out the issue and resulted more than 200,000 people deleting the app. This movement has moved forward with former Uber employee Susan Fowler Rigetti’s detailed and thorough blog post about the sexual harassment and discrimination from her experience in the company. Susan Fowler Rigetti’s coming forward has encouraged other employees to take an action and shoot out the issues they faced and their tough working conditions.

Power of United People on the Boycott Uber Movement

Of course, more and more people have started to delete the app to make a point on this issue to say “Your attitude is not OK” no matter how much people like using your app. Company’s response for the people who delete the app was even more shocking:

“what [Fowler] describes is abhorrent and against everything Uber stands for and believes in.”

I guess that the biggest mistake was that the company did not respond to any of these boycott Uber actions with a sincere apology. Just like humans, companies also make mistakes no matter how important they are for its users. In these types of situations, the most critical thing is company’s attitude towards the issue. Uber’s attitude was certainly weak.

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