Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is planned to Shine China in 2017

There is no question that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one of the most admirable annual event since the first show. Victoria’s Secret is one of the most popular American brands across the world with its unique style of marketing. The company features lingerie and sleepwear which is loved and supported by millions of people every year.

Have you ever wondered how a regular textile company could be so powerful that millions of people around the world love it? The answer is simple, Victoria’s Secret is not just a regular textile company. The company has brought a new face to the industry by every single aspect. I believe quality, marketing, and customer service are the most important qualities of the company for making difference in the industry.

Although Victoria’s Secret has played the game by the rules, I strongly believe that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the most important key element in company’s success path. The show has always been unique, charming, and shiny!

Which Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is your Favorite?

The Show has been occurred in many different places such as Miami, Los Angeles, Cannes, Paris, New York City, etc. Surprisingly, the show becomes much more entertaining and exciting every year. Therefore, Victoria’s Secret Angels become much more impressive no matter if they are newcomers or repeating angels. The changing movement of the show keeps it alive, so which show is your favorite?

The Angels are moving! This year, Victoria’s Secret announces its elegant underwear design show will be held in Shanghai. Even though the show is well-known for being held in New York City. However, the feedback of the show in the recent years keeps it going around the world. Heavenly attendants Josephine Skriver and Alessandra Ambrosio both set out to China, as did models Sui He and Ming Xi, who were both conceived there.

Yes! We already cannot wait to see the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017. However, you can still ease your mind by watching your favorite one.



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