Ashton Kutcher Defends Travis Kalanick Former Uber CEO

Ashton Kutcher defends Travis Kalanick Former Uber CEO in the Howard Stern Show as a long term loyal friend. Ashton Kutcher is a globally known actor and recent entrepreneur in the tech industry. Last Wednesday, he has attended to a TV Show where he was asked about Travis Kalanick’s resignation. As you know, Mr. Kalanick has resigned from his CEO position at Uber due to pressure from investors. The pressure was caused due to reports of bullying, discrimination, and a sexist work culture in the corporation.

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No question, Mr. Kalanick knows many people in the tech industry including Ashton Kutcher due to his strong position. When Kutcher came across with the question about his friend Kalanick, he gave a sincere response. “I’m friends with Travis, I’ve known him for a long time now.” He continued:

“I’m 100 percent certain there were mistakes made and he would cop to the fact that he made mistakes and did things that maybe he shouldn’t have done, but at a certain point, I feel like we’re in a society today that is so fast to judge people, and that we have to realize people make mistakes, and that you have to let people learn from their mistakes.”

Ashton Kutcher Defends Travis Kalanick against Public Action

Kutcher is definitely right! I totally agree with him because people don’t think before building horrifying ideas against a person. In the history, news have never reached their audience quickly and the speed has become more important than quality. The decreasing quality has created environment where many misled and angry people occurred. Regardless of the issue, people just want to show their rage without considering details.

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