President Trump’s Travel Ban Causes a Huge Bill to the U.S.

Travel is one of the most critical segments of the developed countries especially for a country like United States where business travels take respectable piece of the pie. Each year, United States makes billions of dollars from the travelers and provides millions of jobs for American people. However, President Trump’s travel ban has shocked millions of people.

On January 27, President Trump signed an executive order for some immigrants and visitors from majority Muslim nations on avoiding entrance to the country. The primary point of being successful in the tourism whether its holiday or business purposed visit, the country itself should be in stable situation and Trump’s stepping into the office has certainly cause unstability in the short-term.

Costs of Unpredicted Travel Ban from Trump

According to a report from the Global Business Travel Association, Trump’s action on travel ban has cost around $185 million in just a week which is a huge bill to pay for an unnecessary action which resulted with a suspension. Just one action has already caused two percent decrease on the business travels. Some may think that it is just a small percentage to make a big deal out of it; however, they will be certainly shocked if they look at these scary numbers released by Global Business Travel Association:

Annually, only 1 percent decrease in the business travels spendings in the U.S. will result with more than 70,000 job losses and almost $5 billion decrease in Gross Domestic Products. We need to look at the bigger picture in this situation, what will be President Trump’s next step on this matter? Will he ease the process or make even bolder decisions to scare away more travelers? I guess we have to wait and see what President Trump will bring.


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