Justin Timberlake Marked 2017 Oscars with Great Memories

Justin Timberlake is one of the most significant celebrities who has been popular for long and still keep his charm with unique style. His efforts on being real has helped to stay among top celebrities over years. People certainly enjoy seeing him on TV’s and remarkable events. However, the 2017 Oscars was much more special for Justin Timberlake as his “Can’t Stop the Feeling!,” song was nominated for the best original song nominee.

Justin showed that the organization itself is much more important than awards

However, Justin Timberlake has definitely had different mission along the night as if proving that he is not concerned about anything besides making unforgettable marks through the Oscar night.

Mission impossible: Oscar photobombing by Justin Timberlake

Timberlake has accomplished the photobombing mission by jumping into his wife, Jessica Biel’s photo as well as other celebrities walked on the Red Carpet. After completing mission with a great performance Justin Timberlake starred at the openings of the 2017 Oscars with his “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” song

Through his performance, he has showed us some great dance moves from 90’s and encouraging the crowd to accompany with his moves. Even though he couldn’t take the Oscar home, he has left amazing memories for the viewers.


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