87-Story Torch Tower Catches Fire in Dubai

Breaking News – 87-Story Torch Tower Catches Fire in Dubai as reported in the local news.

Updated Information on 87-Story Torch Tower Catches Fire in Dubai

According to the Civil Defense Office, there are no deaths or injured people in this accident. Immediately, officials have taken control over the fire. Only 3-hours after fire started, firefighters have stopped it and cooled it down. Additionally, local officials have taken all cautions to avoid any possible tragic event. Moreover, they will make sure the building stay under watch.

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Unfortunately, local news sources reported that the Torch Tower in Dubai catches fire. Officials relocated residents.

Yet, there is no  clear information about deaths or injuries. Therefore, locals mentioned that firefighters and police immediately arrived area. However, we keep in touch with locals to provide you with more detailed information

Watch the Video 87-Story Torch Tower Catches Fire in Dubai

As the unfortunate incident just occured, there is not much information we can get from the area. We are trying to contact local officials to publish accurate news about the situation. Many of you would remember the huge fire happened last New Year’s Eve in Dubai. Last year, the Address Residence experienced the fire in the hearth of Downtown Dubai. Luckily, that incident happened without any tragic results.

Photo Album of 87-Story Torch Tower Catches Fire in Dubai

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