Earthquake Hits Turkey and Greece

Earthquake Hits Turkey and Greece with 6.7 magnitude in Aegean Sea at 1.31am local time. The unfortunate incident affected Turkish resort of Bodrum and Greek Island of KOS. Mainly, 6.7-magnitude earthquake caused harm to Greek Island Kos the most. Unfortunately, 2 male tourists – one from Sweden and the other person from Turkey – lost their lives. There are also more than hundred-twenty people were injured.

On July 21, 2017, Earthquake Hits Turkey and Greece.

Luckily, there were no deaths in Bodrum, the Turkish Side though there was about seventy injured people. Authorities mentioned that status of three people were serious. Turkish people have experienced a deathly earthquake in 1999. Locals were scared due to their horrifying earthquake experience in the past. However, public eased their minds quickly due to help from the officials.

As you all know, the Aegean Region has the busiest time in the summer time. Thankfully, caused harm was not chaotic. On the other hand, many buildings have experienced destruction. Because of the destruction, officials are considering how to move forward with reservations on the weekend. Couple of airline companies have already cancelled some of their flights to the region.

Thomas Cook said they are in contact with local officials in order to make a decision with upcoming reservations. Even if they are looking to continue their welcoming operations, many people will consider cancellation of their visit. Or just postpone it to another date in the future. Moreover, aftershocks with over 4.0 magnitude have continued after the main earthquake.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the earthquake was very shallow with on 10km below the seabed. According to the announcement, the earthquake center was 10 km south of the Bodrum, Turkey and 16km east-north of Kos.

As the whole magazine world knew, Adriana Lima and Metin Hara was on Bodrum, Turkey for vacation this month. They are highly fortunate to pass on this experience and leave the region with great memories. We will follow the information released from local officials and inform you with updates. Hopefully, injured people will get better soon.


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