Summer Storm in Istanbul, Turkey Gallery News

On July 27 2017 – 15-minute Summer Storm in Istanbul,Turkey destroyed the metropolis. After days of overhelming sunny days in Istanbul, people experienced an unexpected storm.

  • According to the local news, there are two places having fire such as Haydarpasa and Kasimpasa. Yet, there is no report of any deaths, but people say it was devastating event.
  • Later, local authorities announced public to stay home and not to go outside for a while. As a result, this might affect all over the city and damage more people if people don’t take caution.
  • Unfortunately, Thunderstorm hit Historical Haydarpasa Terminal in Istanbul and started a fire. Firefighters are reaching to area to end it.
  • Also government officials have suspended metro and ferry commute until the next notice.

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Last Minute Updates on Summer Storm in Istanbul, Turkey

  • So far, there is no death reported although at least 2 people are injured.
  • People are afraid if there will be any other following summer storm hit Istanbul
  • Officials have reported that they’ve reached to every location in need for help.
  • Tomorrow, apparently everything will be back to normal and recover much faster.

Updated Gallery – Summer Storm in Istanbul, Turkey Gallery News

Summer Storm in Istanbul, Turkey Gallery News

We have deleted the video due to disturbing scenes.

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In the end, this is the second summer storm hits Istanbul Region this summer. Unfortunately, the natural disasters happen across the world. However, it’s highly critical that officials experience these tragic events without losing lives. Thus, Turkey has proved their infrastructural capability of coming over these events.

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