Turks Gather against Coup Attempt

On July 15th 2017 – Millions of Turks Gather against Coup Attempt to honor people lost their lives in the 1st anniversary of the failed coup attempt. Regardless of their ages, religions, and politic views, Turks have gathered in squares to show their synergy. They have shown that Turks are ready to march together against any type of threat to their nation. Last couple years, Turkish Government has experienced outstanding incidents. Today, country and its people have shown an outstanding dedication on overcoming obstacles along the way.

As you all know, Turkey, NATO member, has experienced a coup attempt with hundreds of lost lives and injured people. Let’s remember the course of events happened last year and how Turkish government handled process since then. No doubt, July 15th 2016 was a horrible night for every person living in the country. It all started with tanks cutting the commute between Europe and Asia sides of Istanbul. First, people have thought this was a military precaution for a possible terror act. For a while, people didn’t understand the reason behind as no one knew what was going on.

Later, President Erdogan has connected to CNN Turk with a facetime call to announce there is a coup attempt. In this call, he has pointed out that there is nothing powerful than public and invited Turks to streets. Yes, he has believed in his people to defend the nation and himself. It was an amazing move. Millions of people jumped out of their houses to show their dedication to President Erdogan and his admission.

Fearless Turks Gather against Coup Attempt

In the past, Turkey has experienced numerous incidents that military took the control over the government. People who experienced it have always said that it would be the worst thing a country can experience. This time, people were ready to fight against it. There were hundreds of people stayed in front of tanks and soldiers. People walked towards traitors using guns to deter people.

In the meantime, government officials were also taking action to stop coup attempt. There was a huge trouble in the army, so they have contacted 2nd and 3rd options to grant authorization. Police forces have taken the side of the government which was highly critical to push back army. However, the most important aspect was Turks gather against coup attempt to help Erdogan fight with traitors. There have been many incidents occurring through the night. Many died. More injured. In the end, some traitors escaped, some surrender. However, everything happened that night has certainly changed the destiny of Turkey.

What Happened after Turks Gather against Coup Attempt?

The first thing for the government was focusing on the questioning caught-up traitors. On the other hand, military forces were after the ones who went dark after that night. The Turkish Government has decided to announce a state of emergency across the country. The state of emergency has lead government officials to take quicker actions on dismissals in the government. There were many people related to the terrorist organization called FETO. Government has taken most of them into custody in order to reach more information.

However, the nation has experienced deeper trouble with the terrorist attacks occurring in the country. Although most of them were executed by different terrorist groups, government officials pointed out a possible connection. After the coup attempt, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has shown his dedication on the governmental system change. Even though all parties have shown unique harmony after the incident, left-wing was against the system change.

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Turks Gather against Coup Attempt Processing to Competitive Turkish Referendum

Unlike the era after coup attempt, the people were confused with all the pressure in the area. Even more, half was afraid of the possible regime change while the other half had full support on President Erdogan. For sure, it was a critical time for an election that might change the future of the country. In the end, the Turkish referendum resulted with very close percentages. You can also read more detailed information in our article: Turks Said “Not Sure” in the Turkish Referendum for Constitutional Revision.

Since the referendum, President Erdogan has turned back to his leading party, AKP. Before the referendum, he had to be neutral according to the law. This move has provided more power and dedication on fighting to Erdogan with terror. Even many journalists and some politicians faced charges for having relationship with the terrorist organizations. Some of them are still in jail.

The opposition in the congress has mentioned that the progress is being abused by the president. The opposition leader, Kemal Kilicdaroglu has started to walk from Ankara to Istanbul and named it “Justice Walk”. In the beginning, not many people supported him. Even people in his side has doubts. Yet, it has attracted millions by towards the end of the “Justice Walk”. This organization got flak for causing misleading of the process.

Turks Gather against Coup Attempt in the First Anniversary

No matter how thoughts are different among Turks. They have always shown strong march when there is a possible threat against the nation. This is a usual thing that should apply to all nations, but Turks seem much more organized to this extend. Seems to me that this nation will not let any type of terrorist action happens in the country.


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