Why can’t Trump Hold on to People with Critical Roles?

No doubt, even Trump supporters were not confident about his leadership skills. Recently, President Trump’s discharging Anthony Scaramucci raised concerns: why can’t Trump hold on to people with critical roles? Obviously, President Trump’s leadership skills suffer lack of experience and patience. In addition, his character deeply shows arrogance which doesn’t allow people any room to show their capability.

Business and politics are structured highly similar in the modern world. Unless you show a great harmony as a team, you cannot succeed! In this manner, President Trump should reconsider his relationships with teammates. Otherwise, he will continue losing his credibility! Who can forget the amazing friendship between Barack Obama and Joe Biden? I think this should be the starting point for Trump. He should find his own Biden and then form a team suitable for their mission.

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In our why can’t Trump hold on to people with critical roles article, we will list 10 important names.


10. Anthony Scaramucci – Communication Director – July 31st

First person we start our why can’t Trump hold on to people with critical roles article is Anthony Scaramucci. Because he is the latest person made to news headlines with him leaving his brand-new position. Anthony Scaramucci is a financial expert from New York.

His position in the White House Team is probably one of the shortest one in the history. Right after coming to his new position, he has started a witch hunt. He claims that there is a leak in White House and started his investigation that bothered his teammates. Even more, Scaramucci has implied that former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus would be the one. Of course, these actions kicked up a storm!

In the end, he left his position only after 10 days. However, isn’t it unfair? Presidents make limitless mistakes, do they leave their position right away? Scaramucci’s actions are also President Trump’s fault for not executing brief leadership.



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