Is there a chance that Ron Paul Syria False Flag Analysis True?

Last week, US missiles hit Syria Airbase and brand-new claims started to play with minds – Ron Paul Syria False Flag allegation. Ron Paul has talked about the current events in an interview on RT. Ron Paul, a former member of the US House of Representatives, says “A victory of neo-conservatives” about US attack on Syrian Airbase on Friday morning.

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Let’s quickly remember what happened last week in US, Syria, and Russia. There were videos published online showing that Assad has used chemical attack on Syrian Civilians including children. While we were expecting empty condemns from the world leaders, President Trump held a press conference. In the conference, he had announced that he ordered an attack to Syrian Airbase. There were fifty-nine missiles used in the attack, turning the base into useless place.

Ron Paul Syria False Flag Claims Match Explanations from Russian Officials

Russian Leader Vladimir Putin gathered national security for an urgent meeting upon the occurrence of the attack. After the meeting, the announcement was mainly focused on the false claims on Assad’s chemical attack on its own people. Additionally, Russian officials mentioned that there will be counterattack next time if anything similar happens again.

Sounds confusing, doesn’t it? I personally have hard time observing how both sides look into the same situation with totally different perspective. Following, Ron Paul has moved situation into something much particular. He says it could be false flag action to encourage US for making a move. He continues:

“If any of this was true, I don’t know why they couldn’t wait and take a look at it. In 2013, there were similar stories that didn’t go anywhere, because with a little bit of a pause, there was a resistance to it built in our Congress and in the American people. They thought that it was a fraud and nothing like that was happening, and right now, I just can’t think of how it could conceivably be what they claim, because it’s helping ISIS, because it’s helping Al-Qaeda.”

Ron Paul Syria False Flag Analysis seem to bring many more questions into people’s minds. Most likely, many of them will remain unanswered. Is something like this possible? If not Assad, who was behind the chemical attack? What should USA or other leader countries do?

The list goes on. Unfortunately, something new happens before we analyze and observe any horrible event and its consequences. We can only hope for world leaders to push for peace instead chaos around the world. Although we need to understand what they are seeking to do, so we can stand up with them or against them!


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