Stockholm Terror Attack Video has been aired!

April 7, 2017 – In Swedish Capital Stockholm Terror Attack Video has been aired by the locals. There are at least five people’s death reported and many more injured people in the area. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lotven made a comment on the unfortunate event saying “a terror attack with a large number of injured.”

Terrorist executed the terror attack by running a hijacked truck into a department store. Right after the event, one individual in connection with the attack has been arrested, Mr. Loften reported. However, Swedish police said that no one was arrested in the scene. There is a possible communication error as the event is just still fresh and most likely we will receive more updates soon.

Where was the Stockholm Terror Attack Occurred?

If you have ever been to Stockholm as a tourist, you must have heard of the place, Drottninggatan. Drottninggatan is a busy shopping area which was covered with blood and bodies with newspapers covered. The event seems highly similar to the another terror attack by Muslim convert Khalid Masood in Westminster Bridge in London two weeks ago. Similarity in both events show that both events might have been executed by the same terrorist organization.

Therefore, another terror attacked occured in Saint Petersburg Metro as we reported this week. Click here to watch the video of Saint Petersburg Metro Explosion. We certainly have to take a step back from everything for a moment and realize what has been going on with our world! Who is the real power behind all these horrifying incidents? What is the possible solution to end innocent people getting hurt?

I wish I could be able to tell you the steps of preventing all these actions. However, there is no easy answers for it. We just need to find a way to create a better world.

Stockholm Terror Attack Video
Stockholm Terror Attack Video

April 7, 2017 – In Swedish Capital Stockholm Terror Attack Video has been aired by the locals.


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