Is Trump Merkel Meeting a sign that the White House will begin to Fray at the Edges?

On Friday March 17, 2017; Trump Merkel meeting occurred for the first time since Donald Trump has become the President of United States. Former President Barack Obama has been a strong host for every White House visitor during his time served. Having said that Trump’s relationship and attitude towards other world leaders was a big question mark. Especially, Merkel’s visit has created curiosity as Trump’s severe criticism about her in his campaign for presidency.

As everybody expected, the meeting was the leading subject – the only issue that the meeting was discussed not because of its important content but Trump’s funny attitude.

When two leaders appeared together for the press, Trump has chosen to sit silent and tried not to interact with Merkel. He seemed uncomfortable, but trying to cover his feelings with bad jokes. Even when a reporter asked if it is possible to take a photo while they are shaking hands. He simply ignored the request. Even when Merkel redirected the question to him, he continued looking away.

Later, two leaders held a press conference regarding the details of the meeting. In the conference, Trump held on to his bad jokes again and said “we have something in common” since former President Barack Obama allegedly wiretapped both of them. Certainly, Merkel was not entertained with this horrible joke either.

Seeing the quality of Trump’s jokes during Merkel’s important visit, Trump should consider working on his upcoming jokes. Instead of making his visitors feel awkward, he may even start placing smile on their faces as a regular host.

Trump Merkel meeting has shown that the relation between two countries may be affected after election

Obama and Merkel has always shown sincere attitude towards each other along Obama’s serving as a President. However, seeing the tensed relationship between Trump and Merkel, there might be difficult situations come to light between two sides in the near future. Germany has always been a critical partner in the European Region, so fingers are crossed for continuing peace between both sides.


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