Trump Realizes Replacement of the Health Care is Rough

In the presidential election process, Donald Trump has shown huge efforts to make a point for the need on changing the American Governent’s major projects including health care, ObamaCare. His supporters have believed that these systems are highly corrupted and need immediate change for the good of the public. However, these types of projects takes sctrict and serious determination in order to come up with a long term beneficial one.

On Monday, President Donald Trump admitted the rough process on changing the ObamaCare with his words “nobody knew health care could be so complicated” after his meeting with health insurance executives and discussion with Republicans.

Senator Bernie Sanders made a comment on CNN

Later that evening, Senator Bernie Sanders joined to Anderson Cooper’s program on CNN and mentioned that it is really hard thing to deal with. He said that some of them were having meeting after meeting taking hours long in order to have a clear vision for a possible way of establishing a health care program beneficial for 320 million people.

Moreover, Sanders have commented about Donald Trump’s Presidency so far by mentioning it’s shocking that how someone can become the United States President and act as if health care is a simple thing. It has been 30 years that the United States trying to find a better system.

So, Yes! It is Complicated!


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