Will Tension in Jerusalem Decrease between Israel and Palestine?

The increasing heat in the region pulled attention to question will tension in Jerusalem decrease between Israel and Palestine? After two weeks of protests happening around the world, people expected normalization process. However, the heat between Israeli officials and Palestinians drastically increased again on Friday (Muslim praying day). These unfortunate events occurred only 13 days after the first incident which caused protests across the world. Unfortunately, there are many questions in people’s head waiting for answers. It seems to be long-standing problem that will continue for years.

First of all, let’s start this article saying that people around the world are highly overwhelmed with ongoing battles. Especially, battles related to religions are definitely the most uncomfortable ones. In fact, religions are for peacefully forming the society. However, people started to use it for discrimination which is the most dangerous trend in today’s society. Why can’t we just have some kind of understanding of others’ opinions and beliefs?

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Let me tell you, I’m not trying to put all the pressure on Israel regarding the issue between religions. Ongoing problems between religions are not only limited with Jerusalem. It has affected the whole societies and religions.

How will tension in Jerusalem decrease between Israel and Palestine?

Coming back to the question will tension in Jerusalem decrease between Israel and Palestine? There is an increasing number of extreme-right supporters everywhere. Therefore, politicians can’t deny the demand in this field. Moreover, it’s much easier to build supporters out of hate. Unfortunately, we experience the love for hateful politics in Europe, USA, Middle East, etc. In my opinion, this was the main purpose for Israel’s attitude against Palestinians over the past few weeks.

Yet, the increasing reactions around the world will cause Israeli Government to lose support from people with mild thoughts. I think this way because of officials not letting Muslim people to carry out their religious duties Al Aqsa Mosque. We have also seen that even Jewish people around the world joint Muslims to support Palestinians.

Will Tension in Jerusalem Decrease between Israel and PalestineIn the end, I don’t think that the heat will drop in Jerusalem soon. I just hope that it will end as soon as possible. Because of the neighboring countries in the Middle East Region also feel uncomfortable. Later, this might cause unwanted consequences in the long run. There was couple of major protests including Washington DC and Istanbul.

Protests occur hoping tension in Jerusalem decrease between Israel and Palestine

American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) has formed Washington DC protests with contribution of Palestinians, Christians and Orthodox Jews. According to Anadolu Agency’s article, Rabbi Dovid Felman attended event and gave a speech:

“We are here because we find that all what Israel is doing for decades against the Palestinian people is totally wrong and this step they are taking out escalate its violence to a level where they just encourage conflict and fuel hatred. We find today, Palestine the worst place for Jews or for Muslims. Unfortunately, all of this was caused by the invention of Zionism and the creation of the state of Israel.”

Will Tension in Jerusalem Decrease between Israel and Palestine Istanbul PhotoNumerous Turkish NGO’s organized protests in Istanbul. As you remember, we have mentioned in our previous article that President Erdogan gave an important speech against Israeli action. Attendees in the region was mostly right-wing Muslims. Additionally, Shiraz Abdul, hailing from the Caribbean, joined protestors during his vacation. He said “this event is important because we need to have peace in the world.”

Yes, we certainly need peace in this world if we are willing to leave a good environment for our children. I cannot understand why people cannot just have understanding for each other to give them space. I am sure this trend will turn back and people will deeply seek peace across the world.


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