Bayern Munich loans James Rodriguez with an Option to Buy

Real Madrid announces that Bayern Munich loans James Rodriguez with an Option to buy permanently. In our Summer Transfer Season 2017 article, we have mentioned James Rodriguez’s failure to meet expected level of gameplay. Since the start of the transfer season, Real Madrid was accepting offers from European Clubs. Today, they finalize the agreement on James Rodriguez’s move to Bayern Munich.

According to team officials, Bayern will pay 5 million Euros for two year loan. However, if Rodriguez meets expectations, Bayern can make the deal permanent for 35 million Euros. Bayern chairman announced news: “Signing James Rodríguez was our coach Carlo Ancelotti’s biggest wish” showing their desires. Added “We’re delighted we’ve been able to complete this transfer.”

Earlier, Rodriguez’s name was linked with Chelsea and Manchester United. Although today Bayern Munich loans James Rodriguez, I’m sure they have tried their chances in the beginning.

Brief Personal Evaluation on Bayern Munich loans James Rodriguez

As you all remember, James Rodriguez transferred to Real Madrid during Ancelotti’s time serve as Real Madrid’s coach. Even though he’s shown great performance under Ancelotti, he might have caused disappointment under Zinedine Zidane’s authority. He ended up having less time in the team. Yes, Real Madrid is one of the toughest teams for players to stand out due to level of stars. That is why, many players end up with huge disappointment. Therefore, we cannot really say this for James Rodriguez as he’s moving to another giant European Club.

In my opinion, James Rodriguez will bring a new phase to Bayern Munich. He certainly needs to show improvement on his performance to make it to starting eleven. Considering Robben and Ribery’s age, Rodriguez can add huge improvements to attack power. No matter how well it looks on paper, we have to wait and see his performance on green pit.

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