Everton Transfers Rooney, Legendary Player

Everton Transfers Rooney back after his thirteen-year Old Trafford journey to fill the emptiness from Lukaku’s move to Manchester United. Wayne Rooney has experienced disappointment with his decreasing opportunity for making it to starting 11. Thirty-one year old striker has become a legend over the years. There were many rumors about him transferring to USA or China with the start of the summer transfer season 2017. However, he has shown that there are still achievements he like to achieve in the Premier League.

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In his speech after Everton Transfers Rooney, he mentioned that he chose Everton because of believing Everton has high potential. Although his achievements were acknowledged across the world. He continues his speech saying he transferred to Manchester United due to its potential on success thirteen years ago. He added that he is glad to be a part of the team during its most successful time in the history. Today, he is moving to Everton in order to achieve new trophies moving forward with his career.

Initial Evaluation on Everton Transfers Rooney

Yes, Wayne Rooney is a legendary player and no one can deny his success in the last decade. However, fans should not expect him to fill instead of Lukaku. First, his gameplay is much different than Lukaku. Moreover, authorities are not sure if he can show ninety-minute performance in the long run. In my opinion, Rooney will contribute to Everton’s gameplay as a mentor rather than a player. Of course, he’ll be a game changer when he’s in field, but he will be great sample for young players.

Signing a player like Rooney is always a great deal for every team around the world. No matter his performance, Rooney will add unique value to Everton. I am already looking forward to see him perform his skills in the blue jersey.

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