Manchester United Transfers Lukaku for £75M

Fans are curious about sensational transfers for the summer transfer season 2017. Manchester United Transfers Lukaku, Belgian Striker for 75 million Pounds which is likely to satisfy fans. Man. United recently announced that they have come to an agreement about his transfer price. No doubt, the transfer will stay as one of the most expensive signing across the world. As every high cost transfer, people have already started to question about Lukaku’s possible contribution to the team.

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Mostly, fans evaluate a striker with the amount of the goals they score. However, the ultimate purpose of a striker is much more than just scoring. Confusing opposing teams’ defenders and throwing off their balance could be more effective in terms of team play. Especially, teams like Manchester United nestle players who are ready to score any time. In consideration of these skills, Romelu Lukaku will provide unique advantages to team play.

In addition, Mourinho is one of the best coaches in the soccer history. Since he started to serve as a coach in ManU, he has been building up a team with unique quality. Yes, Red Devils were only able to take sixth place in the league last season. However, this was just a warm up season for the team to adapt each other and tactics. Without any questions, Manchester will show much better performance with Champions League level gameplay.

Brief Personal Evaluation on Manchester United Transfers Lukaku

In my opinion, Lukaku will be an amazing support for Manchester United’s offensive play and scoring. Comparing Everton to Manchester United, Lukaku will have much support on showing his skills on speed and pace. I also believe that Lukaku has not completed his evolvement. Yet he will continue increasing his capabilities throughout working with Mourinho and well-developed team players.

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