What will be Real Madrid’s Transfer News for 2017 Summer?

Real Madrid has always provided remarkable transfer seasons for its supporters. What will be Real Madrid’s transfer news for 2017? Real Madrid is already a team created with the highest class soccer players across the world. Even more, we have seen that coaches sometimes experience problems teaming up these players in the history. Therefore, transforming these individually skilled players into huge power as a team could be a major issue.

Whether you are a Real Madrid fan or not, seeing all these skilled players on the green field is an amazing feeling. Moreover, Real Madrid’s Coach Zinedine Zidane who is also a former Real Madrid player seem to beautifully handle these soccer stars. Yes, there are little issues occur time to time, but this is the genes of the sports.

Last night, Real Madrid had a tie game (1:1) against one of its major rivals – Atletico Madrid – in the La Liga. With this tie game, Real Madrid has achieved three-point advantage as Barcelona lost against Malaga. Real Madrid still has one missing game which will create more advantage through the end of the season.

Real Madrid’s Transfer News for 2017 might replace a star in the team!

In the Madrid derby, there was another point raised by sport authorities, missed positions by Benzema, Ronaldo and Bale. No doubt, every single coach across the globe would do anything to take one of these three players in their team. However, thorough the season these three players have missed so many opportunities that would create more advantage in the race.

There have been many rumors that one of these three players might leave in the transfer season in 2017 summer. Local sport reviewers says that Benzema is like to be replaced this summer. Simultaneously, rumors increase about Griezmann’s transfer to Real although he said he will stay in Atletico for next season.

Furthermore, Griezmann did not deny that he received offer from Real, but he doesn’t believe that it would be moving forward. He is glad in Atletico and would love to play here for the next season. At the end, he also added that he cannot say yes or no. Because it is impossible to know what will happen in football. I agree! You never know what will happen in 2017 transfer season.


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