Summer Transfer Season 2017 – Hot News

Summer Transfer Season 2017 has started with hot news coming around the world. Especially, European soccer market will be the most active transfer market as always. Even though most players enjoy their vacation after long season, their clubs keep working hard for potential transfers. As transfer season has just started, there are numerous serious meetings occurred in the past weeks.

While Messi having a wedding, Ronaldo has met his newborn twins. However, other soccer stars are not lucky as the world’s top players. Some are concerned with their place in their own teams while some just know they need to find other team. There are many rumors in all transfer markets, but most of them are just fake news. That’s why we have put together the most serious transfer inquiries in order to provide you with accurate information.

Remember that it’s really early for concrete movements yet, so most transfers news might show difference before the season ends. Anyways, no one would like to stay behind their transfer news as a fan. Move to new page to see more detailed transfer news for each player.

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20. Alexis Sanchez

Arsenal player Alexis Sanchez’s contract will end next summer which has increased the rumors about his potential transfer. There are a few teams are mentioned in these transfer moves including Bayern Munich, Chelsea, PSG, Manchester City, and Juventus. Sanchez has dragged more attention to himself after his performance in the Confederation Cup 2017. Obviously, rumors about Sanchez will continue until the end of Summer Transfer Season 2017.

19. Marco Verratti

Marco Verratti has shown an outstanding performance this season. Italian player will certainly be one of the most wanted midfield player across Europe. Even though he has shown outstanding efforts, Paris Saint German did not achieve League Trophy. This is why authorities say that he might consider moving to a bigger club to make a difference. According to rumors, Marco Verratti will move to Barcelona before Summer Transfer Season 2017 ends.


18. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Aubameyang has shown amazing efforts in Borussia Dortmund for years. Does Aubameyang’s Bundesliga story end in Summer Transfer Season 2017? No matter if the answer is Yes or No, he will certainly be a top notch transfer. In the rumors, Manchester United and Chelsea are being mentioned. According to authorities, Premier League will be a great choice for Aubameyang’s moving forward. Because of his great pace and soccer style.


17. Arda Turan

Arda Turan, Turkish Soccer Player, has become one of the highest level with his achievements through his career. After meeting numerous different achievements with Atletico Madrid, he has moved forward to Barcelona. Certainly, his transfer was one of the most important success for the Turkish soccer history. While Neymar was absent in the beginning of the season, he has shown amazing efforts filling in for him. However, he has experienced number of unfortunate events in his national team which caused him losing his performance. Keeping up Barcelona’s standards might have been very tough, so maybe it’s better for him to have a fresh start. According to market news, Arsenal is interested in Arda Turan for creating possible replacement to Mesut Ozil.

16. Thomas Lemar

Talented young player Lemar has been one of the most rumored player of the Summer Transfer Season 2017. Basically, his name is in the every single major club’s transfer news including Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich. Of course, it is understandable that ever fan wants to have a young talent like him in their club. However, authorities mention that his style is much more suitable for the Premier League. In Premier League, the most serious teams interested are Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal. Let’s wait and see if Monaco will have a good deal out of this transfer.

15. Neymar

Barcelona’s unique and talented star has also been in various transfer rumors. Although, we have hard time to believe that Barcelona would bother to take a shot at replacing him, money matters. According to the Summer 2017 Transfer Rumors, Manchester United is willing to offer huge amount of money. Let’s see if Barcelona is going to choose money over their soccer star or not.


14. Leonardo Bonucci

Bonucci is a successful player serving to both Juventus and Italy National Team for years. Last year, Guardiola wanted to transfer him in the summer transfer season, but didn’t happen. Juventus has lost against Real Madrid in the Champions League Final. Maybe this year, Juventus might consider refreshing his starting eleven. In this path, thirty year old defense player might be used for creating capital for the new transfer.


13. Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema, French Player, has been serving as a striker in Real Madrid for years after moving from Olympic Lyon. In Summer Transfer Season 2017, his name appears with Arsenal.

12. Gianluigi Donnarumma

Eighteen-year-old goalkeeper Donnarumma’s name links to numerous transfer news with huge numbers. However, the new owner of AC Milan has mentioned that they are willing to see some sincere movement from him. If he acts against their will, they will just keep him on bench until the end his contract. Let’s see if there will be any change throughout the summer transfer season in Europe.

11. Gareth Bale

Who would consider selling a player like Gareth Bale? Apparently, Real Madrid’s president Florentino Perez do not care about names. It is obvious that he looks into Real Madrid as a business more than a soccer team. Maybe, it is much better way to go! He mentioned that Real is willing to let Gareth Bale go for 85 million Pounds. If Jose Mourinho considers having Bale in his starting 11, Red Devils should pay this price.

10. Marco Reus

According to rumors, Klopp doesn’t want to take risk for investing into a striker while he can take his former-player. Yes, this transfer is certainly much more logical for Jurgen Klopp to push his president forward. They both know each other and Reus is definitely a striker to create difference. In the past, Reus has taken down many offers for staying with Borussia Dortmund. However, this time both he and his team might agree on mutual benefits.

9. Jamie Vardy

Last year, Leicester has shown an outstanding success in the Premier League although things didn’t go well this year. However, Jamie Vardy’s performance has still played highly critical role in the team’s success. In the last summer transfer season, Atletico Madrid was seriously interested in striker. Rumors show that Diego Simeone’s interest continues in 2017 summer transfer season too. Even more, this transfer season they might compete against Arsenal if they are really serious.

8. James Rodriguez

Unfortunately, Colombian Player James Rodriguez could not meet the needs expected from him in Real Madrid. According to one of the Colombian Radio Station there are number of different English Soccer Teams interested in him. These teams include, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Manchester United. According to the news, Manchester United is the most serious about closing the deal.

7. Sergio Aguero

No one can deny that Aguero is one of the most successful striker in history. According to the rumors, Real Madrid might sign a contract with him. If Benzema successfully transfer to other team, Madrid will fill in his place with Aguero.

6. Cesc Fabregas

Chelsea’s legendary player Cesc Fabregas might continue his Premier League journey with another team. According to 2017 transfer season rumors, West Ham is interested in signing contract with him.

5. Alexandre Lacazette

Lacazette has shown amazing performance in the French Ligue 1 with Olympic Lyon. There are few teams consider signing a contract with him. However, Lyon also might ask high amount for their skillful player. According to rumors, Atletico Madrid, Arsenal and Liverpool are the most seriously interested teams with French Player.

4. Jose Gimenez

Uruguayan soccer player has shown great effort to fall under major clubs transfer radar. There are two teams who really interested in signing contract with him such as Man United and Liverpool. Gimenez’s buyout is 56 million Euro, so it’s more likely to see Man United close this deal. Let’s see what will 2017 summer transfer season will show us in the near future.

3. Mesut Ozil

German Player Mesut Ozil’s contract will end the next season, so Arsenal considers making money out his transfer this year. However, there is not many clubs are interested signing a contract with him. According to transfer market news, only Fenerbahce from Turkey has shown interest. Unfortunately, they have limited resources due to Fair Play Standards applied by FIFA.

2. Willian

There are rumors about Willian’s possible transfer to Manchester United after losing his place in the starting 11. According to transfer news, Mourinho is willing to have a reunion with his former player.

1. Antoine Griezmann

Diego Simeone has created an amazing opportunity for Griezmann. Today, authorities consider Griezmann as one of the top 5 attackers in the world. As being this popular, there are only few clubs who can close Griezmann’s transfer. Even though, Griezmann has tweeted that he is loyal to Atletico and United, Madrid is also in the game. Especially, Griezmann’s experience in La Liga puts Real Madrid one step forward for showing more efforts.

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