Summer Transfer Season Update August 1st 2017

Our traditional transfer news guide continues with Summer Transfer Season Update August 1st 2017. As always we are trying to provide you with most realistic transfer news in the market. Because we believe there is nothing worse than a fake new for fans. In addition, managers also produce news to increase demand for their players which harms the market. We are dedicated to our mission!

In the August Transfer News, there are players including Neymar, Sanches, Lemar, Aurier, Ozil, and Coutinho.

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6. Coutinho

Barcelona officials have made an offer to Liverpool showing their interest to Coutinho. The contract terms would link Coutinho to Camp Nou for 5 years. According to rumors, the maximum amount Barcelona set to pay for this player is €85 million. Yet, Liverpool expects to receive more money for their valuable Brazilian international player.

In my opinion, many soccer players would love to play for Barcelona. However, there is possibility of getting lost among highly-talented players. Would Coutinho become next Iniesta of Barcelona’s starting eleven? Filling in for him would be tough, but not impossible. Coutinho definitely has the potential. On the other hand, Liverpool works hard to keep their player.



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