Summer Transfer Season Update July 2017

We have written you with Summer Transfer Season 2017 article in order to provide you with an insight on the transfer market. Since then, a lot has changed, so we wanted to create Summer Transfer Season Update July 2017 for your convenience. Yes, there are still many rumors in the market that cheers some fans while making others upset about it. This is the reason we do not provide news without reaching an authority in the related subject. Because we know that wondering an unrealistic transfer news is the worst!

Comparing the beginning of the Transfer Season, fake news are much less due to teams are in camps for training. In this period, transfers are likely to occur due to coach decisions on individual performances in the training. Therefore, some players can also experience hard time with their newcomer coaches. Anyway, let’s look at the brand-new changes in the Summer Transfer Season Update July 2017.

In the Summer Transfer Season Update July 2017, we will cover Emre Can, Kolarov, Morata, Arnautovic, Bonucci, Aubameyang, and Mendy.

Here is the Summer Transfer Season Update July 2017:

1Emre Can

Next year, Emre Can’s contract will come to an end. People link many European companies with his possible move next year including Juventus and Manchester United. According to market news, Juventus has already made a serious move for the 23-year-old midfield player.

However, his current coach Jurgen Klopp makes his plans on him staying in Liverpool. Even after having problematic discussions about new agreements, Klopp believes in him. He says that Emre is a very important player and they’d prefer keeping him. On the other hand, Emre has also made announcements: “It’s never about the money, I’m happy at Liverpool. You never know what will happen in football but I’m happy here and I still have contract here.”

Now, the only thing we know that Emre stays in Liverpool during Summer Transfer Season Update July 2017.




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