PlatoPost is a youthful online news platform where opinions matter more than the news itself. Traditional news sources reflect matters according to their preferences even if it might sometimes mean misleading their audience. Lately, people are highly overwhelmed by agencies acting as partisans. Therefore, we have designed PlatoPost for our users to deliver their opinions on the recent news and events.

In PlatoPost, we are highly dedicated to create an environment where our users freely express themselves as long as it is with due regard. Similar to traditional news, there is no limit to subject you want to write about including politics, business, lifestyle, culture and many more. We strongly believe that different opinions in our platform will enlighten other hundreds, thousands of people who are tired of puppet served news.

Especially, while the Hate in Politics is a critical matter in these days, publishing opinions in a fair platform will be highly useful to ease minds. Even more, this might be a unique opportunity to understand opposite sides and stick together regardless how different we are.

Some people argue that PlatoPost is no different than the traditional blogs. However, there is a huge difference! First of all, PlatoPost platform appeals to a larger audience than a one-person blog meaning more people might be interested in your articles.

In PlatoPost, you will not only spread your knowledge and opinion, but also learn new information and interact with different thoughts.

PlatoPost is a brand-new startup. Our team has numerous great features on their hand to be implemented in the future; though, there are already benefits of using PlatoPost for both Audience and Authors. While we are working on the developments, you take a look at the general benefits listed below.

    • Access to pure thoughts from people with no concern of losing paycheck,
    • No limitation or restriction on the opinion of the Author,
    • Opportunity to discover young adults who shares passion on the subject of your interest,
    • Direct interaction with the future generation,
    • Email newsletter tailored to the area of your interest
    • Unique platform to express yourself in any subject,
    • Different point of views on the same matters,
    • Proof of your passion in the area of your interest,
    • Have an additional line in your Career as an Author,
    • Possibility to meet individuals who share the same interest

“The First and Greatest Victory is to Conquer Yourself”


Conquer Yourself! Just like Plato has pointed out ages ago. PlatoPost has been formed to unite people who truly wants to express their passions, visions, and perceptions to the world.