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Solar Power Installation in California becomes Mandatory

Installation of solar power installation in California becomes mandatory this week. Within two years, the state will require all new homes to have solar...

How Can You Sell a Hoarder House Fast?

Selling a hoarder house is an exhausting process. Due to high risks on investing into a hoarder house, it’s hard to find an offer...

Low-Risk Overseas Real Estate Investment

There are various investment instruments for people to add value to their savings. Without doubt, Low-Risk Overseas Real Estate Investment is the most popular...

Why Do Celebrities Boycott Facebook and Delete Pages?

If you’re following the news, you must have heard that celebrities boycott Facebook and they delete their accounts and pages. However, many people are...

Does Social Media Popularity Means Social in Real Life?

The internet has evolved rapidly in the last couple decades. This transformation has also changed the way our lives into something else – something...