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Why do Shithole Minds Govern Our Generation?

I know you all expect this article to focus on President Trump’s Shithole Bomb. Unfortunately it does not. This article is all about some...

Why can’t Trump Hold on to People with Critical Roles?

No doubt, even Trump supporters were not confident about his leadership skills. Recently, President Trump’s discharging Anthony Scaramucci raised concerns: why can’t Trump hold...

What is the Master Plan of President Trump and His Admission?

United States Presidents have always been huge influence to the world throughout the history. Previous experiences make us wonder what could possibly be the...

NYIAS 2018 at Jacob Javits Convention Center

There is less than 2 months left for the NYIAS 2018 (New York International Auto Show) at Jacob Javits Center. Car lovers, are you...

San Francisco Travel Guide for Students

San Francisco Travel Guide for students has been formed to create an insight before your visit. Hopefully, our guide will help you to have...