Beslenay B
My mind did not fit into business, so I decided to fit businesses into my mind.

Dedicated PlatoPost Authors,

This is Beslenay Ben, Founder of PlatoPost Online News Platform. I believe PlatoPost’s establishment will move the traditional news sources into a new era with your contribution. I know you all have different opinions and views regarding politics, news and events. However, powerful people uses the traditional media as their puppets. This is the main reason why the media has lost its credibility over time.

I am aware that YOU are the FUTURE and all you want is a better world! In PlatoPost, we have no boundaries or filters unless you disrespect an individual or publish fraud news. Let’s make difference together and spread our opinions to shape tomorrows!

I know the idea itself sounds unreal, but all unique achievements are accomplished with a simple opinion. Some of you think while you cannot even make simple changes in your life, how can you change the world? One step a time! Someone needs to take an action, why wouldn’t you be part of it?

This platform is not about choosing sides to argue; in fact, the idea is all about pondering every aspect in the environment we live in. Listening to different sides will help us on developing different perspectives leading to possible understanding. In many ways, we are responsible of all societal incidents across the globe. Therefore, we have to educate and enhance world view by sharing and spreading thoughts.

Of course, our platform is not only consisted of news. You are free to write about any topic such as magazine, fashion, healthy-living, career, movies & TV shows, etc. It all depends on your field of interest because you can only stand out writing on topics you love.

No matter what topic you write about, I would suggest you to use professionalism and enthusiasm because you will never know who might be reading your article. Your future manager or CEO might be one of your readers, so feel free to impress them.

In this manner, I trust each one of you to stand out in the crowd and create a better environment for tomorrows. Let’s prove to public that we are conscious of the Reality and all we care is the Truth.

Only Stronger if Together!

Beslenay Ben